Breathe ...

Slow down, focus in the now with a sense of gratitude

Graduated with a Master Degree in International Mediation and Developmental Cooperation, Mother, Holistic Therapist, Mindful Motherhood Facilitator, Infant Massage Instructor and Gong Master. Many things I can say about me and my journey.

Since 2003  I have been working in the wellness and in the best Spas in Italy, Barcelona and Denmark as a massage therapist.

I am mum of two beautiful girls and a Infant Massage Instructor, I love to facilitate the course with parents and their babies, I firmly believe that the nurturing touch is the base for loving future generations.

In May 2019 I have attended a Gong Master Training with Aidan McIntyre and I am now making sound waves at NOR and other locations.

And at NOR, you will also find me in room 17 where I can treat you with a massage custom made for your needs and infused with the best healing vibrations, for your Body, Mind and Soul.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour