Gong and Sound Bath

“Vibrate in Harmony - welcome 2020”

All night Gong Bath & Kundalini Yoga

Breathe deep and enter into natural states of harmony and welcome 2020 with 

an enchanted all night Gong Puja, sprinkled with soft kundalini yoga, meditation and a delicious NOR breakfast.    

This will be a night full of deep relaxation, nourishing sound waves, natural states of self-regeneration and genuine guidance of the soul.

This workshop is open for all levels of experience.

Date: 11.01 - 12.01 - 2020

Time: 21:00 – 8.00 

Price: 500 kr.


Regular Gong and Sound Bath at NOR 

Join me for 90 minutes pure relaxation accompanied by the sounds of gong, tibetan singing bowls, cristal bowls and percussion such as shakers, rattles and rainsticks.
During the session, you will relax while you experience the beautiful sounds of the instruments washing over you.

The vibration of a gong is a powerful method for reducing stress. Known as a Gong Bath, the gong creates an ocean of sound that is profoundly relaxing and induces a holistic resonance in the body and a spontaneous meditative state in the mind, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and wholeness.

The gong has been used for hundreds of years in the practice of yoga and meditation to accelerate the therapeutic transformation of the yoga practice.
Through sound the Prana travel into our body to create deep relaxation, to clear the mind and stimulate the body system.

Check the upcoming sessions and sign up via https://nor.house/yoga/booking/

Price: drop in class 125kr

In the NOR weekly schedule you can also find a Gong and Sound Shower mainly on Friday morning from 9:00 to 10:00 and to allow you to get a fresh start for the day ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you!



at NOR

Hejrevej 30

Copenhagen NV

+45 71497254